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What is a Floatation Tank?

Floatation tanks are also known as isolation tanks, salt water spas, sensory deprivation tanks, and REST chambers.

Floatation REST, also known as floating, was developed in America. . You float in a ten inch deep solution of salt water in a specially designed tank, which resembles a large, enclosed bathtub. The tank is usually made from fibreglass and it is built so that all outside distractions such as sight, sound, tactile sensations, and gravity are eliminated. The water is warmed to 35.5 degrees centigrade.

The Benefits of a Floatation Tank

The Epsom salts used in the floatation tank have been linked to easing arthritis and improving the condition of the skin, as well as detoxifying the system. Blood pressure and heart rate are measurably reduced, as are stress related chemicals in the body. Floatation tanks are also helpful for accelerated learning, increasing creativity, circulation, and energy levels. The floatation tank creates harmony and homeostasis in the body, a balance between the left and right brain, a balance in the body’s skeletal and muscular systems, and a balance between mind, body, and spirit.

One hour of floating has the restorative effects of four hours of sleep.

What Else Should I Know About Floating?

You will feel blissfully comfortable and deeply relaxed while floating. There is no feeling of being confined in a tight space. The lights and door are controlled by you, so even if you are claustrophobic, you can choose to float with the lights on and door open. You are in total control. Floating does not require any swimming skills, as you actually float like a cork, no matter what size or shape you are. Your time in the flotation tank is completely private.

Add to the experience by having a spa and sauna-Or upgrade to a massage for unbelievable benefits

How much does floating cost? A 30 minute float is $40 or one hour for $80. Our  most popular tho is the  float and massage package  which consists of a 30 minute float and a 30 minute massage for $110.

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