The Pohaku Hot Stone Ritual is one of our signature treatments at Tranquility, read on to see how a hot stone massage could really benefit you.

Hot stone massage is a type of massage that involves the use of smooth, heated stones. The therapist uses these stones in the palms of their hands to massage the body.  The penetrating heat and weight of the stones warm and relax tense muscles so the therapist can work deeper and more efficiently. How Does It Differ From Other Types of Massage? The use of the hot stones makes this style unique. Typically made of basalt, the iron-rich stones retain a nurturing heat. Most people find the warmth of the hot stones to be comforting and deeply relaxing. Hot stone massage is suited to people who tend to feel chilly. It’s also suited for people who have muscle tension but prefer a lighter massage. The heat relaxes muscles, allowing the therapist work the muscles using lighter pressure. The stones are oiled then while holding the stones in their palms, the therapist uses gliding movements to move the stones along the muscles with added pressure and heat in combination with classic massage movements. Add a taste of the Hot stones to any length of massage for an Extra $10 Or have the full Pohaku Hotstone Therapy Ritual for $200.  The ritual is a 90 minute full body treatment using smooth basalt stones from the Hawaiian Islands that are gently heated and oiled to massage your body-using long flowing strokes! Throughout the treatment the stones Are also placed along the body’s energy points To promote a sense of calm and well-being. A warm-deeply relaxing and nurturing experience- wouldn’t you love one right now?


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