Winter can be one of the harshest seasons for your skin, the drop in temperature dehydrates the skin and can leave it feeling sensitive and flaky. These helpful tips will help you prepare your skin for the summer sun.

Cleanse with luke warm water only– as it gets colder it can be tempting to turn the water temperature up but it will only further dehydrate your skin and strip it of your natural oils.

Thalgo’s Gentle Cleansing milk thoroughly cleanses away impurities without compromising the skins protective barrier. 

Exfoliate– exfoliation helps eliminate the dry surface skin and allows better product penetration.

Stimulate– Spring is a great time to have that facial you’ve been meaning to. Facials boost the skins circulation, rid the skin of toxins and stimulate cell metabolism -Resulting in a brighter, smoother complexion.

The IBeauty Hydration corrector is a 45 minute that boosts the skins natural moisture levels and intensely rehydrates.

Boost– using booster products such as serums and masks with hyaluronic and omega fatty acids gives your skin the extra hydration and nourishment its craving.

Hydrate from within– remember to drink plenty of water, you don’t tend to feel as thirsty in in the cooler months but your body and skin still requires hydration from within to function properly.

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise– morning and evening. A good moisturiser not only adds moisture to the skin but prevents it from losing moisture by creating a barrier to limit water loss.

Thalgo has an amazing range of skin care products for all types of skin.

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